Moonwon Lee, representing CTVR and TCD, wins Deloitte Top Technology Talent Competition


30 June 2010


Moonwon Lee, representing CTVR and TCD, wins Deloitte Top Technology Talent Competition.

The ‘Deloitte Top Technology Talent Competition’ is a UK and Ireland-wide competition for technology business plans, sponsored by Deloitte London. Through multiple rounds of reviewing business plan entries over six months, on 6th of June 2010, 5 finalists were selected and invited to Deloitte Academy, London to give a speech to a panel of Deloitte and industry experts.

Moonwon Lee, a postgraduate student, representing CTVR and TCD,  excelled over other top tech talents from the UK and Ireland and got the 1st place with his inventive proposal on Multi-carrier MVNO.  As the winner Moon gets to choose between a cash prize of £1,000 cash or 4 weeks paid work experience at Deloitte.

A multi-carrier MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) delivers resilient access and extra throughput at low cost by enabling enduser terminals to identify multiple base stations across multiple carriers and to opportunistically select the best one in terms of distance and concurrent connections. Multi-carrier access was devised as a highly targeted solution to the connectivity and throughput issues of the current cellular mobile internet services. It is great innovation at a little price: Integration of mature IMT technologies enables low cost & shorter period of development, and IPRs on non-complicated integration technologies guarantee low risk of development.

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