EM-Dublin: Exploring the Spectrum of Dublin City


  CTVR Disruptive Design Team workshop in conjunction with Dublin’s Darklight Film Festival.



Location: Grandsocial, Liffey Street (formally Pravda)
Date: 30 October 2010
Time: at 1pm

Discussions of public space often reference the physical architectonics of the city, overlooking the instrumental role of less tangible infrastructures in shaping the characteristics of a public arena. Acoustic arenas, electromagnetic spaces and their corresponding digital territories also play a role in shaping our urban environment, but the immateriality of these geographies means they are often overlooked. This workshop focuses on ‘hertzian space’, referencing the dense cloud of electromagnetic signals that traverse the urban environment, and its political role with respect to Dublin city.

This workshop will explore the role that electromagnetic spectrum and corresponding issues of ownership and access play in shaping public space in Dublin City. Following this overview we will identify, through group discussion and workshops, tactics for engaging with the electromagnetic spectrum: How can we, through data visualization or sonification, make people aware of the materiality of electromagnetic spectrum? What role might media art and design play as tactical interventions to engage with the social and political issues of spectrum allocation

Workshop Facilitators:

Professor Linda Doyle, artists Sven Anderson and Rachel O’Dwyer (CTVR- TCD), Marie Redmond (TCD) and guest artist Shintaro Miyazaki (Humboldt University Berlin).

Shintaro’s practice includes the design of custom made detektor hardware, which sonifies and records electromagnetic emissions from a diverse range of sources including WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, mobile phones and everyday electronic devices operating in cities.


Lecture and group discussion on Spectrum with a focus on TV white space, principally lead by Linda Doyle.

Workshop exploring the electromagnetic geography of Dublin City through sonification and inviting creative innovations from participants, principally lead by visiting artist Shintaro Miyazaki.

FWS-IT-  02 October 2012    




“Ireland has the opportunity to establish itself as a spectrum playground. We should see where that takes us.” Professor Linda Doyle, Director, CTVR

FWS-IT-(Professor Linda Doyle with Dr. Tim Forde)

On Wednesday, 26th September 2012, CTVR hosted a one day workshop titled Filling the White Spaces. The attendance on the day was excellent and the workshop attracted great interest from companies such as ESB, RTE to major mobile communicators such as Imagine and Meteor. The workshop proved to be a great success. If you didn’t get a chance to attend, you may read about it here in an Irish Times interview with Professor Linda Doyle, Director, CTVR, and organiser of Filling the White Spaces.

http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/finance/2012/0927/1224324467015.html From October 24th onwards, large areas of spectrum surrounding the new digital signals of the Saorview system will become empty and available to use. The workshop questioned how this valuable unused spectrum will be utilised, by who and how will they access it? Filling the White Spaces informed the audience of the many opportunities available and ways in which it can be used by highlighting trials conducted in the UK and US.

For a full Filling the White Spaces workshop agenda, please inspect here