Darklight Spectrum Workshop

01 November 2010

On Saturday 30th October, Professor Linda Doyle, artists Sven Anderson and Rachel O’Dwyer (CTVR- TCD), Marie Redmond (TCD) and guest artist Shintaro Miyazaki (Humboldt University Berlin) made a series of short presentations on Spectrum, focusing on ideas of invisible, electromagnetic and audio space across the fields of Art, Design and Engineering, as part of the Darklight festival.

groupdiscussionDarklightfestival2010-Maciel-Goelzer_31The short presentations were followed by informal group discussion (image above) on electromagnetic space and by a practical workshop with artist Shintaro Miyazaki. Using custom made ‘detektors’ that sonify electromagnetic emissions, participants were invited to go out into the city and listen to the soundscape, and if possible make recordings. Miyazaki provided all those interested to share a ‘detekor’ and explore the ‘invisible’ sounds of the electromagnetic city. Participants reunited with their devices at Grand Social after about half an hour where interesting discussions on the nature of their sonic encounters unfolded…

For further information on the artist & the detektors see: http://detektors.org/

For futher information on Darklight see: http://www.darklight.ie/

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