Workshop – “Imagining” the Internet…

21 December 2010


On the 8th of December researchers at the Dublin HQ of CTVR came together in an effort to answer a particular question:How do you Imagine the Internet? The answer was articulated bravely & enthusiastically through discussion and the process of Photomontage, which basically involves cutting & assembling ‘bits’ of images & texts to create an over all image.


The same workshop was carried out in a Primary School in North County Dublin, with a 4th class group & their teacher Ms. Foley, on the 17th December.


These workshops are part of an outreach project which aims to explore how the internet is imagined; by the engineers who develop its infrastructure, by the programmers (professional or amateur)  who write it into action through code, and by the day-to-day ‘users’ of the internet, whatever their subjectivity.

The feedback & outputs of these workshops will be presented at the BT Young Scientist Exhibition on January 15th from 9.30 to 14.30. (Please see Events Listings for more information on this)

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