FP7 Meeting






Location: Dunlop House 1st Floor Seminar Room
Date: 11 January 2011
Time: 9am – 5pm daily


From January 11th to 14th CTVR will host the FP7 project group CREW (Cognitive Radio Exploration World) for a project discussion meeting and to carry out a series of experiments.


The first experiment is a collaborative sensing experiment in which we will transmit a variety of different signals such as LTE, DVB-T, Zigbee, WiFi, wireless mics as well as many others. These signals will then be detected and sensed by various sensing platforms owned by the different members of the FP7 project group and the results analysed.


The second experiment is a collaboration between CTVR and IMEC which consists of the integration of their respective test beds to achieve a series of goals related to dynamic spectrum access. Specifically, the IMEC sensing equipment will be used to sense a band of frequencies and determine whether or not specific channels in this band are busy. The CTVR test bed IRIS will then use this information to decide which of the channels would be the most suitable to transmit on at any given moment.


The remainder of the meeting will be focused on assignment of tasks for future deliverables and to discuss future goals of the project as a whole.
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