Iris Workshop

dsa  11 January 2011

Iris Workshop in CTVR – Iris is the software radio platform we use for all our experimentation. It is a modular system that allows radios to be constructed in a lego like fashion from software or hardware components. The radios are reconfigurable in runtime. We typically use the USRP as the hardware frontend.

On Tuesday the 11th of January we held a workshop on Iris in CTVR. It was attended by some of our collaborators from the European projects in which we are involved.

Anyone who is interested can use Iris for research purposes. It is ideally suited to exploring new concepts in cognitive radio and dynamic spectrum access.  All our experimental work is based on Iris. A good overview can be found in the September 2010 IEEE Communications Magazine. It is entitled, ‘Iris: An Architecture for Cognitive Radio Networking Testbeds’. The workshop is been given by Paul Sutton from CTVR.

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