Imaginations swarm at BTYS 2011

017  18 January 2011




CTVR were very much present at the BT Young Scientist Exhibition over the weekend, and drew much attention to the Science Foundation of Ireland stall. The key attraction was an ‘action poll’ of sorts: we asked the BTYS visitors & exhibitors ‘How do you Imagine the Internet?‘ and it turns out that this is a question people are very willing to answer… through drawing at that.

Hundreds of people took part & made drawings of their personal impressions of the Internet, what it is, how it works, how it’s used…


Linda Doyle (CTVR’s Director) teasing out the question with a couple of visitors to the SFI stall..

CTVR is now working to assimilate all of the drawings into a representative visualisation of how the internet is imagined by the BTYS 2011 audience.








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