Communicating Communications… Inspired by Eames’


21 February 2011





A full house at the Science Gallery on Thursday night last confirmed the relevance of the latest outreach project ,Communicating Communications, underway at CTVR. We are using the film A Communications Primer as a catalyst to help us think about and develop how we articulate research in telecommunications technology, and how we might work in a transdisciplinary mode to help us research and communicate telecom’s more effectively for the future.

Hugh Campbell (top image), Professor at the UCD School of Architecture,  gave an illuminating account of the Eames’ practice as designers in the 20th century. The talk was preceded by a screening of the film by Ray & Charles Eames, A Communications Primer, and concluded with a short Q&A (bottom image) with Hugh Campbell, Linda Doyle and Jessica Foley responding to questions from the audience. We will be developing a series of practical learning workshops that will weave in and around theories and practices of communication. For more on this project please visit our Blog.



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