Talk from Chairman of the Femto Forum


02 March 2011

Femto Forum in Town: CTVR hosted a talk by Prof. Simon Saunders on Wednesday March 2nd, 2011. Simon is the Chairman of the  Femto Forum   and is in Dublin for a variety of Femto Forum meetings. 040

Prof. Saunders will gave an excellent overview of the femto cell market place and of the work of the Femto Forum.

The Femto Forum has a very wide membership with 60 operators and over 74 providers of femto technologies.  The interest in femto cell solutions is increasing. According to Simon there are currently 19 femtocell deployments worldwide, with 34 expressions of interest and much larger numbers following that. The business models adopted seem to vary extensively from deployment to deployment as do the degrees of freedom of operation.

Simon provided a number of interesting facts and figures. One figure is that there are now over 1.7 million femotcells deployed worldwide. To put this in context there are 2.2 million macro cells. Small cells are taking over! Another intersting fact that came up during the presentation was that traffic is increasingly generated indoors. The following figure is taken from the presentation.


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Professor Simon Saunders is an independent specialist in wireless communications, with a technical and commercial background in both industry and academia. The former Chief Technology Officer of the Red-M consultancy, Simon has invented several novel wireless technologies. He currently serves on the technical advisory boards of Picochip and Ubiquisys and the industrial advisory board at University College London. He is a Visiting Professor to the University of Surrey.

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