The Internet of the Future

Internet of the future image02 March 2011

The Internet of the Future – The Irish Times did an interesting article on Friday Feb 25th about the Internet of the Future. It can be found here.

SFI is encouraging the building of critical mass around this topic. As the article points out –

SFI has invested more than €200 million to date in research that will build the future internet. SFI is funding five different Centres for Science, Engineering and Technology (CSETs) in this area. We also have a large number of companies – such as IBM, Bell Labs and Ericsson – which collaborate in research and take the products of that research. Alongside that, we have many Irish SMEs – like Intune Networks, which develops network architecture to cope with the massive increase in unpredictable traffic demand.”

And of course we have to quote the part that references CTVR –

“CTVR, the telecommunications research CSETt, is engaged in research into future networks. CTVR’s work is on the development of flexible networks that are evolvable, submissive and sustainable. These will be of particular importance, says Dr Collins, when events generate dramatically increased traffic on telecommunications networks.”

CTVR is all about building networks that can deal with change. Some changes can be predicted – others not. Hence it is tough to design networks for the unknown. In CTVR we focus on flexible optical and wireless technologies that can adapt to changes whatever they may be. We are particularly interested in the interplay between the wider network architecture and the technologies that underpin the network.

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