E.T.S. Walton Awards for CTVR

Glode image replacement

09 December 2011

Two high-calibre international scientists will join CTVR for 2012, supported by E.T.S. Walton awards from SFI.

Dr Marc Hodes from Tufts University will join the CTVR Thermal team in UL. Dr. Hodes’ area of interest is heat and mass transfer, often in the context of the thermal management of electronics or efficient use or generation of energy.

Allen Mackenzie from Virginia Tech will join the Wireless team at TCD. His interests are in the areas of Wireless Communications, Multihop Wireless Networks, Applications of Game Theory and Decision Theory, Sensor Networks, Mobility Modeling.

Marc and Allen will strengthen CTVR’s collaborations with Virginia Tech and will initiate a new collaboration with Tufts, as well as enhancing the CTVR research programme.

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