Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Telecommunications & Sensor Networks: WAITS

Location: Montpellier (France)
Date: 27 August 2012
Time: All day

CTVR academics Ken Browne, Barry O’Sullivan, Cormac Sreenan will co-chair the WAITS 2012 workshop on August 27th 2012.

The workshop will run alongside ECAI 2012, the leading European conference on Artificial Intelligence, and aims to bring together researchers and technologists from academia and industry to explore the applications of artificial intelligence to the most pertinent technical challenges in telecommunications and sensor networks.


Workshop participation will be by invitation only. If you would like to participate, submit either a full paper of no more than 6 pages (or 6,000 words); a position statement, short paper, or problem instance (at most 3 pages or 3,000 words); or a position statement (1 page). Short papers may address an important problem for further research or describe a practical problem or an interesting lesson learned. In addition, we solicit proposals for short demonstrations (at most 3 pages with demonstrations taking at most 15 minutes).

All submissions should conform to ECAI’s formatting guidelines, to be available soon on the conference website.

Professor Marc Hodes is welcomed to CTVR Thermal team in UL

MarcHodes  12 August 2012




Professor Marc Hodes from Tufts University has joined CTVR Thermal team in the University of Limerick. Professor Hodes’ area of interest is heat and mass transfer, often in the context of the thermal management of electronics or efficient use or generation of energy.

Currently, his research concentrates four major areas. First, experiments are being performed to measure the rate of conversion of alcogels to aerogels (for use as “super” thermal insulators) by supercritical CO2-based extraction. Secondly, theoretical studies of convection heat transfer in microchannels containing superhydrophobic nanostructured surfaces are underway. Thirdly, several technologies and theories are being developed to increase the conversion efficiency of thermoelectric modules operating in precision temperature control and power generation modes. Lastly, liquid metal (Galinstan®)-based heat sinks are being investigated. CV

Professor Allen Mackenzie joins the Wireless team at CTVR, TCD

MacKenzie08212009 We welcome Professor Allen Mackenzie from Virginia Tech to the Wireless team at CTVR, Trinity College Dublin.

His interests are in the areas of Wireless Communications, Multihop Wireless Networks, Applications of Game Theory and Decision Theory, Sensor Networks, Mobility Modeling.

Professor MacKenzie was awarded an E.T.S. Walton Visitor Award from the Science Foundation of Ireland for the 2012-2013 academic year. This award will enable him to spend the 2012-2013 academic year on study-research leave from Virginia Tech. During the year, he will be based at CTVR: the telecommunications research centre at Trinity College Dublin. Professor MacKenzie will be working, broadly, on technology and policy solutions for dynamic spectrum sharing in wireless networks and economic models of such solutions. More specifically, he will be studying automated spectrum negotiation between autonomous radio systems. CV

EU_pic3-(1) 12 August 2012

Keith Nolan, CTVR Funded Researcher and colleague, is acting as the scientific advisor to the new ZOO Digital balloon project. ZOO Digital, in collaboration with the EU Commission, will launch a weather balloon into the stratosphere. Met Eireann are helping to facilitate the balloon launch.

The weather balloon will be launched into the stratosphere above Cahersiveen at the end of August. The experiment will examine balloon dynamics, and importantly, help promote science activities! The weather balloon will be filmed it as it expands, and it will eventually burst as Boyle’s Law predicts.

 As well as doing some science to investigate the expansion of gasses, the experiment will display some tweets as it reaches the edge of space, making them the highest tweets ever sent in Ireland.

If you’d like to have your tweet sent into space, please send your message using the #tweetsinspace.

For all of the latest information and if you wish to follow the experiment, you can do so here on facebook and twitter (@talktoeu) and here

Stay tuned as we share our scientific findings and prepare our countdown to launch!

In photo: From a roof top somewhere in Dublin EU Commissioner Maire Geoghegan-Quinn, scientist Keith Nolan and RTE Science Squad presenter, Kathriona Deveraux launch “That’s Gas”.