Brian Corbett

Photonics, Tyndall National Institute


I am leader of the “III-V materials and devices” group at the Tyndall National Institute (Tyndall). We have 18 researchers investigating photonic devices based on InP, GaAs and GaN semiconductors. Our research interests are in the realisation of devices and advancing their performance through fabrication processes which we perform in a state-of-the-art clean room. These materials and devices have become of enormous use for society through applications in telecommunications, daatcommunications, data-storage, sensing, medical and energy conversion to name a few. The research is funded by peer reviewed competitive research grants and by direct industry contracts.

+353 21 490 4380

CTVR Research Focus

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Design, fabrication and characterisation of photonic meaterials and devices based on III-V semiconductors with emphasis on the use of advanced structuring technologies to add additional function to the device. Examples range from facetless lasers using reflective sites, high brightness unstable resonators, surface emitting lasers with gratings, 3 dimensional shaping to collimate light from LEDs and plasmonic enhanced devices. The materials being studied are based on InP, GaAs and GaN