David Payne

Optical Networks, Trinity College Dublin

I joined CTVR in Trinity College Dublin in February 2010. Before this I was a principal consultant to BT group on optical networks whereI  responsible for strategic guidance and direction on optical network architectures to BT Group CTO and BT Openreach strategy. In the past number of years I have  been  the Senor Industrial Advisor at the Institute of Advanced Telecommunications at Swansea University where I provided network architecture expertise in order to establish collaborative links with BT Research. I have over 20 patents (several now lapsed) and over 60 publications (journal articles, electronics let- ters, optics letters, conference colloquium publications ∼25 invited papers, contributions to 7 books, two in progress)

Room ???
Dunlop Oriel House,
Trinity College Dublin,
Dublin 2,

Research Interests

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