Maths Circles

maths_circles2The Maths Circles initiative, set up in October 2010, is specifically designed for secondary school students who enjoy mathematics and want the added challenge of exciting topics that normally lie outside the school curriculum. There are two branches of the initiative, Maths Circles and the Junior Maths Enrichment programme.

Maths Circles are after school maths clubs run by mathematics undergraduates in secondary schools. They are designed to develop problem solving skills in an environment that isn’t driven by any goal other than the enjoyment of investigation and discovery through maths. Currently there are 16 Maths Circles running in the Munster region with a further 10 Maths Circles being trialled in the North Dublin region. In total the Maths Circles initiative reaches approximately 250-300 first year secondary school students and provides them all with an opportunity to see mathematics outside of the classroom environment.

CTVR supported the expansion of the Maths Circles initiative in 2012.