Imagining the Internet…

This  is a short animation of all the drawings made by the visitors to CTVR’s stand at the SFI during the Young Scientist Exhibition 

This workshop was devised as a catalyst to develop new outreach activities within CTVR. The primary aim was to raise a consciousness about how we think about, and how we imagine dominant technologies, in this case, the Internet. We may often feel that we have firm understanding of a particular phenomenon, but when it comes to actually articulating that understanding in some effective way, we can find ourselves quite at a loss for words (or pictures, or sounds, or movements!)

This workshop is a way to begin to break down where the limits of our imaginations lie, in how we come to ‘visualise’ or articulate complex phenomenon in our own minds, and then how we communicate these to others. The workshop is consciously drawing on the work of photomontage, making reference to the DADA movement of the early 20th century, and frames responses visually.

A future challenge might be how to make similar responses through other sensory outputs: touch/movement, sound, taste, even smell! But for now it’s in the realm of the visual or the visual imaginary, an assembly of bits of images to make a whole.

The workshop was carried out with researchers & leaders in the field of telecommunications at CTVR, and also with a 4th class of pupils from Clontarf Girls National School and their teacher, Ms. Foley.

Images to follow shortly!