The Network Maths Initiative

The Network Mathematics graduate programme has been running successfully since the summer of 2008, delivering a unique and rich educational experience to 3rd and 4th level students interested in networking related research. It does this by assembling world-class faculty and practitioners from leading international centers of excellence and delivering of a number of specialist week long modules each year. Emphasis is placed on the practical application of mathematical techniques to problems in networking and telecommunications.

The Network Maths initiative demystifies some of the more advanced communication topics and provides a solid preparation for graduates embarking on independent research in this field of study. The main strategic objective of the programme is to address the skills deficit within Ireland in network mathematics.

The Network Mathematics graduate programme is funded by the Higher Education Authority and is developed as part of a joint initiative between the Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth and CTVR, Trinity College Dublin. The courses are open to all Irish students as well as international students and industry-based professionals. For more information on the Network Maths Programme, including videos of courses delivered, see here.