Frank Peters

Integrated Photonics Devices, University College Cork

I am the Photonics Strand Leader for CTVR. I am also a Lecturer in Photonics at the Physics Department, University College Cork, a Senior Research Scientist, Tyndall National Institute and the Director of Strategic Research Cluster Photonic Integration from Atoms to Systems(PiFAS). My main research interests are high speed photonics and photonic integrated circuits.

Kane (Science) 116F
Physics Department
University College Cork
+353 (0)21 4902381

The Research Team

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The Integrated Photonics Group is part of the Tyndall National Institute, and is affiliated with the Department of Physics at University College Cork. The group was created in late 2007 with Science Foundation Ireland support to complete the portfolio of Photonic research in Ireland. The Integrated Photonics Group seeks to work with both academia and industry in bridging the gap from Photonic materials and devices to Photonic Systems and applications.  The group actively pursues research and development in Photonic packaging, high speed Photonics, and Photonic Integrated Circuits.

The Tyndall National Institute

The Tyndall National Institute (Tyndall) was created in 2004 at the initiative of the Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment and University College Cork (UCC) to bring together complementary activities in photonics, electronics and networking research at the National Microelectronics Research Centre (NMRC), several UCC academic departments and Cork Institute of Technology (CIT). The objective is to create a research institute, which would become a focal point of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Ireland, to support industry and academia nationally and to increase the number of qualified graduate students for the ‘knowledge economy’.
The strengths of the institute at the present time lie in the area of photonics, electronics, materials and nanotechnologies and their applications for life sciences, communications, power electronics and other industries. Research programmes range from theoretical modelling and design to novel material, nanotechnology, device processing and fabrication, packaging and integration; and novel systems incorporating these new devices.
Currently the team are funded by Enterprise Ireland through the Technology Development, Proof of Concept and Competence Centre schemes; by SFI through the CTVR CSET and the PiFAS Strategic Research Cluster, by the European Union through an Integrated project (BRIGHTER.EU), a STREP (Subtune) by the European Space Agency. Recently we have obtained funding in the EU FP7 scheme for 3 projects to start in autumn 2010 though the FET OPEN (Optoneuron), STREP (RAPID) and IP (Mode-gap) scheme