Liam Barry

Photonic Systems, Dublin City University


I am currently an Associate Professor in the School of Electronic Engineering in Dublin City University, and a Principal Investigator for Science Foundation Ireland. From February 1993 until January 1996 I was employed as a Research Engineer in the Optical Systems Department of France Telecom’s Research Laboratories and as a result of this work I obtained my PhD Degree from the University of Rennes in France. In February 1996 I joined the Applied Optics Centre in Auckland University, New Zealand, as a Research Fellow, before joining Dublin City University in 1998. From April 2006 until February 2010 I served as Director of the Rince Institute which is a national research institute focussed on innovation in engineering technologies, with over 100 affiliated researchers.

School of Electronic Engineering
Dublin City University
Dublin 9
+353 1 700-5431

CTVR Research Focus

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My main research interests are; all-optical signal processing, optical pulse generation and characterization, hybrid radio/fibre communication systems, wavelength tunable lasers for reconfigurable optical networks, and optical performance monitoring.

My research focuses on the development of these new photonic and opto-electronic technologies for communication systems, and encompasses the design, simulation and demonstration of these new technologies. I am specifically interested in research at the interface between basic physics and engineering, and investigating how novel optical effects in semiconductor and fibre components can be employed to develop new technologies that can enhance the performance of photonics communications systems. Through extensive collaboration with industrial partners both in Ireland and abroad, we constantly explore how the research undertaken can be translated into commercial products and processes.