Luiz DaSilva

Cognitive Networks, Trinity College Dublin

Since 2009 I have been Stokes Professor in Telecommunications/Associate Professor, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

Dunlop Oriel House,
Trinity College Dublin,
Dublin 2,
+353 1 896 3660

The Research Team

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My research focuses on distributed and adaptive resource management in wireless networks, and in particular cognitive radio networks and the application of game theory to wireless networks. I currently serve as a principal investigator in the following research grants:

I. Moerman et al., ’CREW: Cognitive Radio Experimentation World,’ funded under Seventh Framework Programme call FP7-ICT-2009-5, 2010-2015.

P. Marques et al., ’COGEU: Cognitive Radio Systems for Efficient Sharing of TV White Spaces in European Context,’ funded by the European Commission, Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 ICT-248560), 2010-2012.

A. B. MacKenzie, L. A. DaSilva, and M. S. Thompson, ’NeTS: Small: Collaborative: The Flexible Internetwork Stack (FINS) Framework,’ funded by the National Science Foundation (award number CNS-0916300), 2009-2012.

Y. Yang, L. A. DaSilva, and M. S. Hsiao, ’NeTS: An Open Architecture for the Evolutionary Design of Routing Protocols,’ funded by the National Science Foundation (award number CNS-0916873), 2009-2010.