Max Ammann

Antenna Design, Dublin Institute of Technology

I am the Director of the Antennas and High Frequency Research Group and a Senior Lecturer in the Dublin Institute of Technology’s School of Electronic and Communications Engineering. My research interests include Electromagnetic Theory, Antenna Miniaturization for Terminal and Ultra Wideband applications, Antennas for Wireless Networks, Microstrip Antennas, Metamaterials, Antennas for Medical Devices and the integration with Photovoltaic Systems.

Room 503,
Kevin Street Campus,
Dublin Institute of Technology,
Dublin 2
+353 1 402 4905

Research Focus in CTVR

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The release of new spectrum in the low UHF bands poses new challenges to antenna designers due to the longer wavelength of operation. The significant challenge of antenna miniaturisation  is even more important for these electrically larger structures. The use of simultaneous disparate bands across the UHF band presents further complexity, requiring antennas to provide wideband operation on two separate bands for multijurisdictional compliance – for example LTE which operate across the bands 690-980 MHz and 1710-2700 MHz.

Hence my work focuses on new techniques for miniaturisation where bandwidth and efficiency cannot be used as a trading factor. The initial approach will be to explore advanced optimisation of the grounding system. The optimisation will initially employ evolutionary global optimisation, and explore advanced techniques that learn the structure of the search space as they search, in collaboration with the CTVR optimisation team in UCC. New materials and manufacturing techniques such as high-permittivity, low-loss ceramics will also be used to achieve antennas which are resilient to proximity detuning by spatially constraining antenna reactive near-fields and thus providing reduced sensitivity to their near-field environment. These antennas will be an integral part of the radio demonstrator platform and will help demonstrate their commercial value. Application areas arise where both miniaturization and good control of the radiation pattern are absolutely required for example, antenna arrays for small-cell basestations and for M2M aggregators.

My publications are listed on my own website and the ones relating to my CTVR work are also included in the complete list of CTVR publications.


My work has led to a number of antenna licensing opportunities in various different application areas.