Paul Sutton

Wireless Communications, Trinity College Dublin


I’m a Research Fellow with the Emerging Networks strand of the CTVR Telecommunications Research Group based at Trinity College Dublin. I’m also currently serving as a director of the Wireless Innovation Forum (formerly the Software Defined Radio Forum).My current research interests include reconfigurable radio platforms and dynamic spectrum access (DSA) networks. In particular, I’m interested in software architectures for reconfigurable radio, DSA node rendezvous and DSA network coordination.I graduated from Computer and Electronic Engineering in Trinity College Dublin with first class honours in 2002. Between 2004 and 2008 I completed a PhD with CTVR in Trinity College. My PhD research addressed the issues of rendezvous and coordination in DSA networks and involved the development of a novel technique for embedding watermarks or signatures in wireless communications signals. I submitted my dissertation, entitled “Rendezvous and Coordination in OFDM-based Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks” in March 2008 and completed my viva in July 2008.

Dunlop Oriel House,
Trinity College Dublin,
Dublin 2,

Cognitive Radio & Reconfigurable Systems

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The main focus of my research is in cognitive radio.