This page is a way of keeping track of the people who have gone through CTVR as students, research staff and as part of the centre administration. We have just begun the process of compiling this.

CTVR produces high-calibre graduates and trains sought after post-doctoral researcher who are providing an innovative, skilled workforce to multi-national corporations (MNCs) and start-ups alike in Ireland and internationally.


To date 46 students have graduated from CTVR – 36 with PhDs and 10 with Masters level qualifications. The Centre has a 100% employment rate for graduates.

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16 graduates secured research or teaching posts in academia (10 in Ireland, 6 internationally)

30 graduates have gone to work in industry: 14 to MNCs and large companies (12 in Irish MNC offices) , 12 to start-ups and SMEs (7 of which are Irish).

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PostDoctoral researchers, technicians and management staff who have left CTVR are also well equipped to service other sectors of the Irish economy. 65% move from academic research to industry, mostly to SME’s or start-ups (39%), others to MNCs or large companies (26%).

The 35% that continue in academia mostly take up international positions in the EU, USA and Asia.

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 Below is a list of just some of our Alumni to date

Name  Current Location
Research Staff
Eric Dalton Research Fellow at University of Limerick
Michael Soudan Graz University of technology Austria
Neil Hosey Software Developer at Luzern Solutions
Suhaib A. Fahmy Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University
Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Thomas Rondeau Rondeau Research, LLC, USA
Zachee Lick Semiconductors Professional
University of Douala, Cameroon
Graduate Students
Alan McGuinn Research Associate at Heriot-Watt University
Alvaro Palomo Navarro Department of Electronic Engineering National University of Ireland Maynooth
Andrew Cunningham Digital IC Designer at Intel
Arnab Bhattacharya Research: Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Eric Dalton Research Fellow at University of Limerick
Michael Reid Tyndall National Institute.
Michael Soudan Graz University of technology Austria
Niall O’Keeffe Busines Analyst Manager at NetDexterity Inc.
Toronto, Canada
Robert Sheehan Lecturer, Applied Mathematics
University College Cork
Ruth Ann Shields, M.Sc. Huge – An Interactive digital design company based in Stockholm in Sweden.
Thomas Lupton Post-Doctoral Research (Dept. of Aeronautical and Automotive Eng., Loughborough, UK) – Jet Engine Combustor Liner Cooling – 2010-present
Tomasz Podsiadlik Dept. of Electronic Engineering, National University of Ireland Maynooth