CTVR Industry Partners

A brief introduction to each CTVR Industry Partner. Direct access to the companies’ websites via embedded links below.

Alcatel-Lucent / Bell Labs Ireland

Alcatel-Lucent is a leader in fixed, mobile and converged broadband networking, IP and optics technologies, applications and services. It leverages the unrivalled technical and scientific expertise of Bell Labs, one of the largest innovation powerhouses in the communications industry. Alcatel-Lucent has operations in over 130 countries. Bell Labs has a rich history in inventing key communications technologies over the past 80 years, generating over 33,000 patents.

They have played a pivotal role in inventing or perfecting key communications technologies, including transistors, fibre-optic communications systems, communications satellites and cellular telephony. Bell Labs have R&D locations in the United States, Canada, China, India and Europe (France, England, Germany, Ireland, and the Netherlands).

Recent Bell Labs innovations include:
Base Station Router, an innovation that integrates key components of third-generation (3G) mobile
networks into a single network element, thus ’flattening’ what is typically a more complex architecture;
_ Smart antennas and other wireless technologies that can reduce equipment size and data traffic on
_ Raman and L-band amplifiers, which expand the capacity of optical networks;
_ The technology behind the transmissions of 100 Gigabit per second (Gb/s) Ethernet over optical fibre;

Through Bell Labs Ireland, CTVR researchers engage with the wider Bell Labs research community (particularly Murray Hill (USA), Swindon (UK) and Stuttgart (GER)).

 Xilinx Research Labs

Xilinx is the world’s leading supplier of programmable logic solutions and is now one of Ireland’s leading
foreign direct investment partners. Since establishing in Dublin in 1995, the company has invested in excess of €125 million in in an advanced R&D, engineering and operations centre, its largest facility outside North America. Over 200 people are employed here.

Xilinx Research Labs (XRL) is the research arm of Xilinx. The mission of Xilinx Research Labs is to carry out speculative research to invent and discover technological solutions that create new business opportunities for Xilinx, or significantly advance its current business. In 2007 Xilinx opened a new research centre at its European headquarters in Dublin, marking the first expansion of Xilinx Research Labs (XRL) outside of the United States. Since opening, Xilinx Research Labs has been involved with CTVR.


Spun-off from Philips in 2006, NXP Semiconductors provides High Performance Mixed Signal and Standard Product solutions that leverage its leading RF, Analog, Power Management, Interface, Security and Digital Processing expertise. The company has approximately 28,000 employees working in more than 25 countries, over 3,000 working in R&D.

CTVR is working closely with the Innovation Group for RF and BaseStation Technologies. The mission of this group is tocreate value for NXP through high-tech innovations leading to an improvement of our global competitive position in the selected strategic markets, such as cellular base stations, or leading to the development of new businesses and/or new markets for RF products.

In order to fulfil this mission, their strategy is to maintain a strong patent portfolio position, partner with NXP’s leading customers and manage NXP’s strong interaction with leading research institutes, universities and partners in industry to leverage their technology expertise on all abstraction levels. With respect to their position in the wireless infrastructure, NXP Semiconductors is one of the largest suppliers of LDMOS technology with No. 1 positions in Broadcast and WiMax, No. 2 position in Base Stations, and No. 3 in Microwave. NXP is the leader in LDMOS technology, the owner of advanced CMOS wafer fabs, supplier of data converters, RF discretes, MMICs and Modules. Lastly, they invest heavily in new technologies (GaN), advanced high efficiency concepts and higher product integration.


Socowave is a technology innovator of advanced wireless access systems, leveraging the multi-radio structure of Active Panel Antennas (APA) and other MIMO systems to deliver superior radio link performance. It has developed the core calibration and asymmetric beamforming know-how required to produce a range of active antenna solutions. Socowave harnesses the spatial dimension of signals to enhance radio link connections between base station and mobile user. It designs, builds and validates all hardware for APA sub-systems and modules. It offers these sub-systems and modules to client companies, transferring technology and know-how so that they may build their own active panel antenna solutions for their end-user customers (network operators). Socowave licensed its initial IP on an exclusive basis from CTVR researchers at NUI Maynooth and has established a development team in Cork to build a commercial solution around it. The engineering team, headed by Conor O’Keeffe, is focussed on building the core technology required to build an Active Panel Antenna and has filed for protection on 12 patentable techniques. The company is based in Ireland with its headquarters in the NovaUCD Innovation Park, Dublin, and its R&D centre located in the National Software Centre in Cork. Socowave brings together know-how and skills in wireless semiconductor design, software development, antenna design and cellular network design and optimisation, to deliver distinctive and leadership technology solutions.

eircom Meteor

The eircom group is the leading telecommunications company in Ireland, employing approximately 9,000 people, with an annual spend of €1.4 billion. Most of this expenditure occurs within Ireland. The eircom group is committed to ongoing development and evolution of its networks and has invested €1 billion in capital between August 2006 and July 2009. The eircom group is comprised of its national fixed line network (eircom), its national mobile network (Meteor) and the largest ISP and Portal. According to quarterly data published by ComReg, eircom had a 68% market share of the Irish fixed-line market in the quarter ended 31March 2010 based on turnover. Meteor is the third largest mobile operator in Ireland in terms of customers. As at 31 March 2010 Meteor (including eircom mobile) had approximately 1,065,000 mobile customers. The mobile division had a share of approximately 20.1% of the Irish mobile market including mobile broadband, based on number of subscriptions.

Intune Networks

Intune Networks is an SME telecoms equipment provider headquartered in Dublin. The core team which has been in place since 1994 initially focused on university research in the field of tunable lasers and their applications. Since its foundation in 1999, Intune Networks has designed and manufactured a series of optical components with associated SW control systems. Products have included tunable laser manufacturing software, transponders and subsystems and optical sensing products many of which have been deployed by major global corporations. In 2007, the strategic focus shifted towards telecoms equipment design. Building on its global leadership in ultra-fast optical subsystems, Intune Networks has developed the world’s first carrier grade, fully integrated Optical Packet Switch and Transport system. The current team comprises the largest telecoms optical R&D team in Europe. The VERISMA prototype solution has been deployed in lab trials with tier 1 carriers across Europe.