Research Fellows

 Name Institute Expertise
Alan Hill TCD  Optical Networks
Aleksandra Kaszubowska TCD  Software Defined Optical Transport Networks
Ahmed Selim TCD  Cognitive Radio & Cognitive Networks
Avishek Nag TCD  Optical Networks
Frank Bello  TCD  Optical Networks
Hamed Ahmadi TCD  Wireless Communications & Cognitive Networks 
Irene Macaluso  TCD  Machine Learning & Cognitive Radio
Joao Paulo Cruz Lopes Miranda TCD  Wireless Communications & Cognitive Networks
Johann M. Marquez-Barja  TCD Wireless-Optical Interface & Wireless Communications
Joesph Doyle TCD  Cognitive Radio & Cognitive Networks
Keith Nolan  TCD  Cogntive Radio, Experimentation, Industry Liasion
Kostas Christodoulopoulos  TCD  Datacentres and Fixed Networks
Lei Guan TCD  Optical Networks
Nattapong Kitsuwan TCD  Optical Networks
Paul Sutton  TCD  Cognitive Radio Platforms, Experimentation, Iris Open Source
Tim Forde TCD
Qiaoyin Lu  TCD  Optical Networks
Seamas Mc Gettrick  TCD  Optical Networks, FPGAs
Alexandre Papadopoulos UCC Optimisation for Optical Networks
David Stynes  UCC Optimisation-Optimisation for Wireless Networks
Deepak Mehta UCC Optimisation for Optical Networks
Luis Quesada  UCC Optimisation for Optical Networks
Xuichao Wu  UCC Mobile Communications
Agnieszka Gocalinska  Tyndall Integrated Photonics
Brendan Roycroft  Tyndall Integrated Photonics
Cleitus Antony  Tyndall Photonic Systems and High Speed Microelectronic Circuit Design 
Daniel Brunina  Tyndall Photonic Systems and High Speed Microelectronic Circuit Design 
Emanuele Peluccho  Tyndall Integrated Photonics
Hau Yang  Tyndall Integrated Photonics
James O’ Callaghan  Tyndall Integrated Photonics
Kamil Gradkowski  Tyndall Integrated Photonics
Mahbub Akhter  Tyndall Integrated Photonics
Marina Manganaro  Tyndall Integrated Photonics
Michael Gleeson  Tyndall Integrated Photonics
Peter O’Brien  Tyndall Integrated Photonics
Peter Ossieur  Tyndall Photonic Systems and High Speed Microelectronic Circuit Design 
Richard Winfield  Tyndall Integrated Photonics
Rod Webb  Tyndall Photonic Systems 
Wei Han  Tyndall Integrated Photonics
William Cotter  Tyndall Integrated Photonics
 Xin Wang  Tyndall Integrated Photonics
Grzegorz Szczepkowski NUIM RF Design
John Dooley NUIM RF Design
Guiseppe Ruvio  DIT Antenna Design
Matthais John  DIT Antenna Design
Gerard Kelly  UL Thermal Management
Maurice Collins  UL Thermal Management