Research Students

Name Institute Expertise
Arsalan Saljoghei DCU  Photonic Systems
Fernando Gutierrez DCU  Photonic Systems
Vidak Vujicic start DCU  Photonic Systems
Abraham Loutridis     DIT  Antenna Design
Anthony Keenan    NUIM  Radio Systems and Technologies
Emmett Carolan    NUIM  Radio Systems and Technologies
Han Su    NUIM  Radio Systems and Technologies
Keith Finnerty    NUIM  Radio Systems and Technologies
Sarah Adel Ibrahim    NUIM  Radio Systems and Technologies
Alan Naughton  TCD  Cognitive Radio & Cognitive Networks
Ankit Agarwal  TCD  Cognitive Radio & Cognitive Networks
Arman Fahrang TCD PHY layer techniques for the Uplink of OFDMA systems
Azat Abdullaev     TCD  Integrated Photonics
Carlo Galiatto TCD  Small-cells and heterogeneous networks
Cezary Zukowski  TCD  Optical Networks
Danny Finn  TCD  Cognitive Radio & Cognitive Networks
Diarmuid Collins  TCD Fixed Networks
Emanuele Di Pascale  TCD  Optical Networks
Frank Slyne  TCD  Optical Networks
Francisco Paisana  TCD  Cognitive Radio & Cognitive Networks
Ioannis Nellas  TCD  Optical Networks
Jacek Kibilda  TCD  Cognitive Radio & Cognitive Networks – Networks without Borders
Jasmina Mc Menamy  TCD Advanced Carrier Aggregation & Spectrum Sharing
Jessica Foley  TCD Meta Art & Cognitive Radio, Articulating the Politics of Occupational Difference
Jonathan van de Belt  TCD New Wireless Architectures and Virtualization for Wireless Networks 
Justin Tallon  TCD New Wireless Architectures – Bottom-up Networks 
Liam Gray  TCD  Cognitive Radio & Cognitive Networks
Marta Nawrocka     TCD  Integrated Photonics
Paolo Di Francesco  TCD  Cognitive Radio & Cognitive Networks – Network Sharing
Pedro Alvarez TCD  Optical-Wireless Interface
Rachel O’ Dwyer  TCD Spectrum and the Digital Commons
Sandeep Pathivada  TCD Fixed Networks
Brad Snyder Tyndall  Integrated Photonics
Farazan Gity Tyndall  Integrated Photonics
Mark Harnett Tyndall  Integrated Photonics
Mark Power  Tyndall  Photonic Systems
Muhammed Umar Khan  Tyndall  Integrated Photonics
Muhammad Usman Sadiq  Tyndall  Integrated Photonics
Nan Ye  Tyndall  Integrated Photonics
Naoise Mac Suibhne  Tyndall  Integrated Photonics
Niall Kelly Tyndall  Integrated Photonics
Padraic Morrisey Tyndall  Integrated Photonics
Robert Sheehan Tyndall  Integrated Photonics
Shije Deng Tyndall  Integrated Photonics
Simon Fabri Tyndall  Integrated Photonics
Stefano Porto  Tyndall  Photonic Systems
David Devlin  UCC  Optimisation for Optical Networks
Jerome Arokkiam  UCC  Optimisation-Optimisation for Wireless Networks
Lanny Sitanayah  UCC  Mobile Communications
Saim Ghafoor  UCC  Optimisation-Optimisation for Wireless Networks
Thuy Truong  UCC  Optimisation-Optimisation for Wireless Networks
Alistair Waddell  UL  Thermal Management -Thermal Management
Cillian Burke  UL  Thermal Management -Thermal Management
John O Connor  UL  Thermal Management -Thermal Management
Kevin O’ Flaherty  UL  Thermal Management -Thermal Management
Leicester Ehrlich  UL  Thermal Management -Thermal Management
Seamas Hickey  UL  Thermal Management -Thermal Management