PhD Theses

To date 46 students have graduated from CTVR with higher level degrees, the majority of which are PhDs. Degrees have been awarded by Dublin City University, Dublin Institute of Technology, NUI Maynooth, Trinity College Dublin, Tyndall National Institute, Sligo IT, University of Limerick, University College Cork,


Most CTVR graduates (over 65%) remain in Ireland and over half of these take up positions in industry. CTVR-trained researchers contribute to the development of Irish start-ups and SMEs as well as staffing the Irish operations of multi-national corporations.


Conferred 2015

Danny Finn “Enhanced Multi-Antenna Capabilities through Small Cell Collaboration”

Justin Tallon “Enabling Coalitions between Independent Networks”

Conferred 2014



Conferred 2013

Joesph Doyle PhD (TCD): TBC

Ahmed Selim PhD (TCD): Real-Time Out-of-Band Interference Reduction for OFDM-Based Systems

Conferred 2012

Danish Rafique PhD (TCD): Electronic signal processing in optical communications : analysis and application of nonlinear transmission limits

Penny Storey MSc (DIT): Social Science: Irish PI’s and the influence of their social networks on the developement of the commercialisable research results

James Colman O’Sullivan  PhD (TCD): Deconstructing and Reconstructing Medium Access Control: The Anatomy of a Cognitive Radio MAC

Conferred 2011

Joesph O Carroll MSc (TCD): Autonomous and spectrally efficient femocell design

Jorg Lotze PhD (TCD): Enabling cognitive radio experimental research

Robert McAdoo PhD (TCD): Sobriquet: A personal naming and identity management system

Conferred 2010

Assefa Dagnme Semegn PhD (UL): Development, modelling and characterization of metal micro-textured thermal interface materials

Kevin Hannigan PhD (UL): The Corrosion Resistance of Lead-Free Printed Circuit Board Finishes

Bahman Honari PhD (UL): Optimisation of Environmental Stress Testing using Integrated Production Test and Field Reliability Cost Models

Roger Kempers Phd (TCD): Development, modelling and characterization of metal micro-textured thermal interface materials

Ruth Ann Shields MSc (TCD): Radio spectrum innovation in Ireland

Gregorz Szczepkowski PhD (NUIM): Analysis and Design of Wideband Voltage Controlled Oscillators using Self-Oscillating Active Inductors

Conal Watterson PhD (UL): A Monitoring Approach to Facilitate Run-time Verification of Software in Deeply Embedded Systems

Conferred 2009

Nick Jeffers PhD (UL): An Investigation of Microscalr Heat Transfer Phenomena

Mathieu Hautefeuille PhD (Tyndall): MEMS-based Environmental Monitoring Systems

Dominik Herkommer PhD (UL): A Study of Sn-Ag-Cu Solder Creep and Reliability

Gerard Kelly PhD (UL): The Design and Characterisation of a Small-Form Factor Velocity Amplified Shock Tester

Justine McCormack PhD (NUIM): Non-Radiative Calibration of Active Antenna Arrays

Preston Marshall PhD (TCD): A generalized method for quantification of cognitive radio benefits within wireless systems

John O’Dowd PhD (TCD): Two-photon absorption based detection in semiconductor microcavities

Roberto Rossi PhD (UCC): Constraint Programming for Optimization Under Uncertainty in Stochastic Inventory Control Destination

Giuseppe Ruvio PhD (DIT): Antennas for Portable Communications in the UWB and GPS Spectra

Frank Smyth PhD (DCU): Investigation of performance issues affecting optical circuit and packet switched WDM networks

Michael Sheehy Phd (UL): The Failure Mechanisms of Single Crystal Silicon Micro-Cantilevers under Shock and Vibration Stimuli

Conferred 2008

David Burke PhD (UCC): Exploiting Problem Structure in Distributed Constraint Optimisation with Complex Local Problems

Ryan Enright PhD (UL): On Transport in Superhydrophobic Microchannels

Jan Peter Engelstaedter PhD (Tyndall): Laser Diodes for Photonic Integrated circuits

Arun Kumar Gnanappa PhD (Tyndall): Hydrophobic films for microfluidic applications

Bartlomiej Klusek PhD (NUIM): Cost Functions in Optical Burst-Switched Networks

Lucasz Lengier M.Eng.Sc (NUIM): An Antenna Array Testbed Design for Tower-Top Calibration Scheme

Stephen Ralph M.Eng.Sc (NUIM): Class-S Power Amplifier For Use In Mobile Phone Basestations

Paul Sutton PhD (TCD): Rendezvous and coordination in OFDM-based dynamic spectrum access networks

Senan Doyle PhD (TCD): Adaptive mobile ad hoc networks: A Bayesian approach

Matthias John PhD (DIT): Study of Design Principles and Optimisation Techniques for Ultra-Wideband Printed Antennas

Claire Ryan PhD (UL): The Development and Characterisation of an Impact Tolerant Lead-Free Solder Alloy

David Burke PhD (UCC): Distributed Constraint Optimisation with Complex Local Problems

Brian Whelan M.Sc. (TCD): Development of a liquid-based system for CPU thermal management

Conferred 2007

Colin Glynn M.Sc. (TCD): Heat transfer to an impinging miniature jet

Toby Joyce M.Sc. (TCD): Reliability analysis of field returns with unknown installation and return times

Marco Ruffini PhD (TCD): Optical IP switching

Livia Ruiz M.Eng.Sc. (NUIM): Design and Implementation of a Reconfigurable Radio Platform

Stephen Toner PhD (TCD): Transit: adapting the internet for mobile & ad hoc operation

Francesco Zanini M.Eng.Sc. (NUIM): Architectural Improvements towards an efficient 16-18 Bit 100-200 MSPSADC

Conferred 2006

Patroklos Argyroudis PhD (TCD): Authorization management for pervasive computing