Professor Marc Hodes is welcomed to CTVR Thermal team in UL

MarcHodes  12 August 2012




Professor Marc Hodes from Tufts University has joined CTVR Thermal team in the University of Limerick. Professor Hodes’ area of interest is heat and mass transfer, often in the context of the thermal management of electronics or efficient use or generation of energy.

Currently, his research concentrates four major areas. First, experiments are being performed to measure the rate of conversion of alcogels to aerogels (for use as “super” thermal insulators) by supercritical CO2-based extraction. Secondly, theoretical studies of convection heat transfer in microchannels containing superhydrophobic nanostructured surfaces are underway. Thirdly, several technologies and theories are being developed to increase the conversion efficiency of thermoelectric modules operating in precision temperature control and power generation modes. Lastly, liquid metal (Galinstan®)-based heat sinks are being investigated. CV

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