Technology Transfer

CTVR’s industry-informed research programme provides a platform for the development of commercially-relevant outputs. These outputs are commercialised through the transfer of the technologies to industry partners, to spin-out companies set up by entrepreneurial researchers and to 3rd party companies.

Transfer to Partners

Industry partners motivate the critical problems addressed in the core research programme. Research activities lead to creation of new intellectual property and patents which can be incorporated into company technology and product roadmaps. In this way, CTVR contributes substantially to partner companies’ competitive advantage.

Transfer to Spin-outs

Five new companies have been founded on intellectual property from CTVR research. Technologies developed in the lab have been licensed from the university by the founders – often researchers – into Socowave, Xcelerit, Pilot Photonics, ISAAT Technologies and SRS (Software Radio Systems)

Transfer to 3rd Parties

CTVR has  licensed technologies to multiple 3rd-party (non-core partner) companies including; Decawave, Taoglas, Eblana Photonics, Xylophone Optics, Airvod, Sequoia Smart Solutions, Pantrx, Brim Brothers, Dell, and Gemalto.