Ken Brown

Optimisation, 4C, University College Cork


I am a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at University College Cork, and a member of the Cork Constraint Computation Centre. I have been a memeber of the executive committee of the Centre for Telecommunications Value-chain Research since 2006. I led the Optimisation and Management strand.My research concerns applications of Artificial Intelligence in areas such as telecommunications, resource allocation, and design. His particular interest is in constraint- based optimisation for distributed, dynamic and uncertain problems. My work has involved collaboration with a range of industrial partners, including Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft Research Cambridge, Digital, LandRover, GKN Technology, Seaforth Maritime, AMEC Process and Energy, and Eco Restaurant.

Office: 2-64,
Western Gateway Building,
University College Cork,
College Road,



The Research Team

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Decision support and optimisation using constraint programming and other AI techniques, including decision making in uncertain and competitive environments. Applications in resource allocation, scheduling, supply chains and networking.

My Current Research Group:

Aliaa Badr – research student (SFI – ITOBO)

Tarik Hadzic – postdoc ( HEA PRTLI – NEMBES)

Sean Og Murphy –  research student ( HEA PRTLI – NEMBES)

Conor Ryan –  research student (SFI – ITOBO)

Lanny Sitanayah –  research student ( HEA PRTLI – NEMBES)

David Stynes –  postdoc (SFI – CTVR)

Thuy Truong –  research student ( HEA PRTLI – NEMBES)

Christine Wei Wu –  research student (Enterprise Ireland)

Xiuchao Wu  – postdoc ( HEA PRTLI – NEMBES)Wang Yi  –  research student